The divine will come to us at the RIGHT TIME
- not before, not after.

I live in Chennai, India have Lucy as my best companion. She came in to my life in 2007 and ever since then she has taken me over. She loves to be with me & I love her too.She has contributed immensely in my pursuit to learn. She showed me how to bear pain. She taught me to become unattached. She guided me to accept life as it happens.

That happened on one night in September 2007. My son had very boldly taken the decision of bringing the dog home when I was away. I was initially hesitant to allow him to have this pet. Little did I know, that the Divine has arrived in my life. It was a rainy day and the puppy she was shivering. I had to give in to allow her to stay. This lab was so cute that when I saw her the next day morning I changed my mind and said OK. There was the condition that my should take care of her needs. My wife named her Lucy, saying that Lucy means light in Latin.

And rightly so she brought light, luck and harmony into the house. Now things have changed so much that my life is centered around Lucy. My pet Lucy ( I call her Chutti) came into my life because I needed a companion. She has shown me a way of life. The divine arrives in our lives at a pre-destined time. Like a mother who has the welfare of her child uppermost in her mind and will look after the child with the best she has. The divine will come to us at the right time - not before, not after.